Phoenix Burns Project

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  Phoenix burn prevention program reaches
12,000 children - burn rates decline
  The Phoenix burns prevention team has trained a staggering 12 000 children in burn prevention since its inception late last year. During the past 2 years, the population increase for children under 14 years has been 32 257 annually, or 2688 children per month. Under the current economic conditions, poverty is rife, and the burns epidemic is directly related to poverty. In 2017, Phoenix embarked on a large-scale school burn prevention programme. To date, twelve thousand children in 29 Cape Town schools were educated in burn prevention and burn first aid. For the first time, Red Cross Hospital has not experienced a significant burn surge over the winter months. During the peak month of July, there were 25% fewer admissions than in 2017, despite the population growth. It would seem that this decline in admissions is attributable to Phoenix's prevention campaign.
  Phoenix and ABC donate new laser to the
Red Cross Children's Hospital
  The Phoenix Burns Project, supported by the ABC Charity Challenge Hike and Bike fund raiser events in 2016 and 2017, has donated a brand new Lumenis M22 laser to the Red Cross War Memorial Children's hospital. This donation, valued at R1.5 million, will complement the existing Ultrapulse CO2 laser to offer the full range of laser scar treatment capabilities in this unit, making it the only burns unit in Africa to offer this life-changing therapy. Patients who have been treated with the laser are showing remarkable improvement in scar healing. Thank you to all our donors for making this amazing, life-changing treatment possible for young burn survivors!
  James Haskell endorses ABC Charity Challenge
  England and London Wasps ruby player James Haskell has endorsed the ABC Charity Challenge for the 8th consecutive year. Haskell said, "This is a fantastic opportunity to show your support for Action for Burns and Children, who are raising money on behalf of the Phoenix Burns Project in South Africa. Your support and commitment to the project will help to reduce long-term suffering to the lives of many children who have been badly burnt or traumatised by the horrors of fire. With your help, we are now on our way to giving them a chance of hope for the future and a better quality of life."

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  Phoenix and European Burn Association
exchange experiences in burn care
  Comprehensive burn care draws on a wide range of specializations beyond medicine and surgery. These include a wide group of allied non-medical professionals, such as Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Dieticians and other professionals associated with burn care. It is often difficult for members of these allied professions to attend major international burn congresses, so Phoenix and the European Burn Association's PAM Committee teamed up to organise a workshop in Cape Town from 16-18 January 2017 where practioners from Europe and South Africa were able to network and share their experiences in burn care.
  Phoenix provides interactive audiovisual
equipment to support physio in the ward
  Burn survivors often need to follow a regimen of exercises as part of their rehabilitation. Children often find these exercises repetitive and boring. Popular experience (which is also supported by research) shows that children tend to carry out their physio exercises much more enthusiastically if they are part of a game. To this end, Phoenix recently installed an interactive XBox games system in the Burn Unit at Red Cross Children's Hospital. The system is equipped with a number of interactive games. The children love the virtual environment and no longer have to be coaxed to visit the physio room in the ward. The physiotherapists simply choose the games that require the movements they wish to see the children performing. The system also doubles as an entertainment centre for the ward.
  Phoenix equips therapy room in the
Burns Unit at Red Cross Hospital
  The therapy room in the Burns Ward at Red Cross Children's Hospital was recently equipped by Phoenix with a sturdy table and ten chairs, as well as coffee and tea facilities, to facilitate group meetings for mothers. Most mothers of children with burn injuries suffer feelings of guilt and depression that can compromise their ability to support their child effectively in the ward. Group sessions with the ward psychosocial counsellor and adult art therapy sessions bring out these issues and provide a supportive forum to discuss them. The therapy room's informal "kitchen table" atmosphere helps to create a safe space where the mothers feel free to express their thoughts and feelings, and is conducive to effective therapy.
  Time to stock up for winter - Fire Kit Appeal
  With the onset of summer we are starting to see a marked reduction in the number of burnt children admitted to hospital. The quieter summer months provide an opportunity for us to stock up our Fire Recovery Kits, which are in demand during the peak fire season in the winter months. This is because, in informal settlements, open flames are used for lighting, heating and cooking. The cold temperatures, and longer hours of darkness in winter, mean that many more fires are lit, for longer times, than during the summer months, thus increasing the risk of shack fires. A dramatic video shows how rapidly a fire spreads in a shack.

Phoenix's Fire Recovery Kits are given to people who lose all their possessions in a shack fire. The kit comes in a sturdy 100-litre box that contains blankets, crockery, cutlery, toiletries,
and other items needed in the immediate post-fire recovery period. We appeal to individuals, schools, companies, churches and other groups to consider sponsoring a Kit or some of the items contained in the Kit. Each Kit costs R3800, or
about € 270. For more information, please contact us.